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Software Engineering

Engineering Services Can Accelerate Time-to-Market

With the software market becoming more competitive and mature, product companies are under pressure to regularly release new versions and updates to the market. Achieving better time-to-market turnarounds has become critical due to shorter product lifecycles, rapid technological obsolescence, advances in engineering technologies and increasing design complexity.

At the same time, investment in product development needs to be balanced with market analysis and marketing activities which directly impact the success of the company. More and more companies are recognizing, that outsourcing “non-core” activities is crucial to gaining an economic advantage.

This is borne out by a KPMG survey that found that software application development maintenance are the leading outsourced functions worldwide. 57% of the respondents in another Deloitte study felt that outsourcing helped them focus on their core business, with cost efficiencies being another key advantage (59%).

Streamlined Operations

Engineering Services to Meet Your Every Need

Engineering services follow a broad spectrum of offerings ranging from simple resource augmentation all the way to complete end-to-end product development and testing.

Cnetric is Your Engineering Services Partner for Success

If you’re exploring outsourcing elements of your product development, you need a partner who can support you through the entire lifecycle. Cnetric has vast experience in providing engineering for clients around the world, leveraging our expertise in industry-leading frameworks and next generation technologies. We work as an extension of your team and ensure scalability, flexibility and transparency across delivery.

Our Engineering Services model can adapt to your specific needs:

Whether you need specific skills, development of a particular product module or even implementation of the end-to-end product, we have the resources and the infrastructure to support your needs. With Cnetric, you get:

  • Access to motivated, skilled resources you need to power your product ideas.
  • Product engineering teams and domain experts available across the globe.
  • Continuous delivery capabilities powered by Design Thinking and Agile Scrum/Kanban in every stage.
  • A partner who will work with you across product development, client implementations and support.