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In the new normal, every day is Black Friday

In the new normal, every day is Black Friday

A recent Adobe report estimated that the eCommerce growth seen during COVID-19 would have otherwise taken 4 to 6 years to reach. And all signs point to these pandemic-induced online purchasing trends achieving permanent adoption. This is the ‘new normal’ for enterprises who must contend with growing online traffic while burdened with technical debt and legacy systems that are unprepared for rapid market changes.

To face this brave new world, organizations need to be nimble and can evolve at the speed of the digital economy. We can help!

For 20 years, Cnetric has implemented cutting-edge digital commerce ecosystems for our global clients. We work at the intersection of technology, domain expertise and innovation to architect solutions that are engaging, performant and scalable. Whether you’re going online or the first time, looking to replace a monolithic platform, or seeking to plug performance and UX gaps, we help you meet and exceed your strategic eCommerce objectives.

This video demonstrates our implementation of a microservices-based, API-driven, headless, cloud-native DTC eCommerce solution for a well-known watercraft manufacturer in California, USA.

Dr. Commerce

For Your eCommerce Health Today and Tomorrow

Are you hitting your target eCommerce KPIs and realizing the available omnichannel opportunity in your industry? Dr. Commerce can look at your current symptoms and prescribe remedies to meet your short term online business goals. Furthermore, with a more comprehensive review, Dr. Commerce can help you prioritize longer-term actions that will bring you to peak omnichannel performance.

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Universal Commerce Suite

Best of Breed Innovation and Disruption on a Single Platform

Rule your eCommerce empire with ease and confidence through a single platform. That’s right, a single window to your entire eCommerce ecosystem, no matter how big. No more silos that slow things down. Jump to light speed with the sophisticated power of Universal Commerce that unifies all your eCommerce operations.

Seamlessly compose the elements of your eCommerce ecosystem with Cnetric’s Universal Commerce Suite and Elastic Path.

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