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Drive Engagement & Customer Experience with web/Mobile Apps

A well-designed web and mobile application help enterprises deliver intuitive and engaging experiences. These applications can build customer interest and loyalty and save your business time and money as many time-consuming tasks can be automated. A personalized web and mobile app can help increase the company’s conversion rates, drive revenue and improve user involvement.

Customizable Layout and Output Options


At Cnetric, we help e- companies construct user-friendly, seamless, and personalized web and mobile applications, assisting them establishing a digital web or mobile properties that enables customers to improve user experience and enhance engagement, for established MNCs as well as fast growing startups. We offer web development, mobile app customization, and third-party integration capabilities.


As part of its digital transformation initiative, a Singapore government agency wanted to provide a digital replacement to the physical card system. The Cnetric team created a digital card (eCard) with a QR scanner that can be used to accumulate and redeem points in a mobile app. We took their Sitecore application, which serves as their content management system, and integrated it to ReactNative which served as the mobile app front-end. This integration allows the client to modify their CMS in the future without affecting the mobile app.

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We also deployed many product solutions for Verifone, the US market leader in payment commerce solutions. The Verifone Learning Academy was developed by Cnetric and was based on the open-source software Moodle to give sales team information on the latest products. Verifone stakeholders can personalize and build their own apps for their Verifone devices using Alchemy, a web application developed by Cnetric. Additionally, for Verifone users the drag-and-drop capability for uploading and managing files has been  made more user-friendly with the Digital Asset Management (Keep) application.