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App Modernization

Enhance Customer Experience with App Modernization

In recent times, as the demand for digital transformation has increased along with it has grown the need for a scalable and agile IT environment to meet customer demands. Enterprises struggling with legacy inflexible systems have realized that their decades old applications are not suited for the dynamic environment of today. Application modernization can help these enterprises by optimizing:

  • Application architecture
  • App platform infrastructure
  • Application features
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Our Impact

Enterprises worldwide have made their application framework more scalable, agile, independent, and faster to deploy by breaking down the legacy applications into their key functions and implementing modernization. Due to this, each function can run on containers, thereby increasing performance, improving security, and easing management. Other benefits that organization have seen by application modernization include:

  • Cost-Savings: Maintaining legacy applications requires a workforce with specific skills and regular investment, which increases the maintenance cost. Centric helps you reduce the operational costs of maintaining and updating these applications as they are deployed on the cloud, to keep licensing and IT costs down.
  • Business Agility: Monolithic applications and legacy systems have disadvantages that slow down the operation of the business, and due to lack of productivity and agility, businesses might lose revenue. Cnetric can help improve business agility by modernizing your applications, increasing productivity due to more reliability and consistent data.
  • New Revenue streams and enhanced customer experience: Easy navigation of data, retrieval of any record and data as required, and creating new services because of system flexibility and cost-effectiveness, which adds value to customer experience is another benefit of application modernization.
  • Better Security: Modernized applications minimize cybersecurity risks due to continuous monitoring by integrating security measures and strategies seamlessly.
  • Automation: Application modernization can leverage newer technology to minimize manual involvement through automation of repetitive processes.

Cnetric has valuable experience with Public/Private and Hybrid Cloud environments, Accelerators, and Infrastructure. Cnetric provides Application Modernization services on contemporary frameworks deployed on container platforms like Red Hat OpenShift, Google Anthos, etc.

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Satisfied Clients

One of the Cnetric clients is a leading telecom provider in Argentina called Claro. Cnetric deployed the HCL Commerce V9 environment on the Red Hat Openshift platform in record time and became the first organization to do so. The solution was also integrated with content management and analytics solutions deployed on other cloud environments for a complete Hybrid setup that could deliver to Claro’s expectations.