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Order Management

Order Management System Intricacies in Today’s World

Retailers and manufacturers worldwide find it challenging to demystify the complexities in the order management systems and fulfillment processes. It is a system of people, processes, and suppliers where everyone should sync together for a delightful customer experience. To avoid bottlenecks and meet customer demand, a flexible omnichannel order management system is essential. Cnetric’s expertise in order management system solutions can retain customers’ trust and loyalty for long-term success.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions: Omnichannel Order Management

In an omnichannel world, eCommerce businesses need omnichannel order management to thrive and keep customers coming back for more. Modern customers have a buy-now, buy-fast and buy-from-anywhere & anytime outlook. They expect faster order fulfillment and convenient returns with enhanced flexibility. Cnetric’s solutions and services for omnichannel order management streamlines your processes that initiates with ordering and ends with goods delivery and return, if necessary.

End-to-End Order Management Solutions

Cnetric provides industry-leading services and solutions for end-to-end order management across omnichannels.

End-to-End Order Management Solutions
Our Solutions

Our Capabilities

Experience End-to-End Excellence

  • Distributed Order Management/DOM
  • Pick/Pack/ Ship Solutions
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Order Routing Solutions
  • Omnichannel Customer Service
  • Ship from store/Click and collect
  • Returns Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our Partners

Our technology partnerships with industry-leading order management system vendors like IBM Sterling, Order dynamics etc. offer you the industry’s most comprehensive order management and fulfillment solutions.