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Agile Implementation

Why is Cnetric Agile?

It is critical to delivering your customer’s on-demand requirements with a speedy turnaround time to stay competitive in the market. Our team of engineers has delivered 100+ eCommerce integrations at a rapid pace accommodating all unique requirements. We are 100% agile and technology-agnostic. Our teams are flexible and can adapt to your project’s needs and streamline delivery.

Our Expert Agile Teams Ensure

Faster Time-to-Market

Delight your customers with world-class customer experience, delivered at a rapid pace. Our sprints go through all essential touchpoints to ensure quality delivery and are 25% more productive.


Our proven process framework ensures transparency across the entire project's lifecycle. There will be continuous communication with all the critical stakeholders, right from planning to deployment.

Higher Quality

Reduce defects by at least 75% with our agile workflows. Our continuous collaboration, frequent tests, and bug fixes across all the sprints can guarantee you high-quality delivery.

What it Means to Your business?

The competitive edge that our Agile teams can bring to your project and business are:

Predictable Delivery

Predictable Delivery

With our decades of experience in delivery, our agile teams have the right mindset and process knowledge to ensure linear, scaled, and predictable delivery. With our process expertise and your business knowledge, we can predict downtime and unforeseen costs. This way, we can race against time to deliver at the best industry standards, if not better.

Faster ROI

Cnetric understands eCommerce, and we know you are in a high-speed market. Our delivery time is not just quicker, but you can start seeing a functional part of projects after the first few sprints. We know what is essential for your business. We prioritize delivering high-value, high-impact features first. This way, you can start realizing RoI much earlier than you usually would.

Faster ROI