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Cloud Migration

Drive Engagement & Customer Experience with Cloud Migration

Millions of customers worldwide have invested in a cloud presence. According to Gartner, almost 15% of global enterprise IT spending in 2024 will go towards cloud, up 1.5x from 2020 figures. Enterprises are making this move because of the benefits they have seen when migrating to the cloud, which include:

  • Scalability: For an on-premises environment, the company needs to buy and set up physical servers, software licenses, or equipment, but the cloud helps companies to scale up to support more users and larger workloads more easily.
  • Cost: Companies have seen a reduction in IT operations after moving to the cloud. Additionally, Cnetric can help with maintenance and required upgrades, allowing the companies to focus on other business needs – developing or improving new and existing products.
  • Performance: Migrating to the cloud has helped companies in improving performance and the overall customer experience. It reduces the latency of their website and applications when they are hosted on the cloud.
  • Flexibility: Customers, employees, and other stakeholders can access data on the cloud from anywhere. This makes it easier for businesses to expand in new territories, provide flexibility to employees, and offer services to both national and international audiences.
  • Security: Cloud environments are protected by strict security protocols put in place by the cloud service providers, which helps maintain high-security standards for the company’s applications and products.

Cnetric helps businesses of any size with the migration of the workload to the cloud, so that they can concentrate on other aspects of the business. Cnetric has experience in implementing solutions ranging from:

  • Cloud Environment Setup
  • On-Premises to Cloud Migration
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration
  • Cloud/DevOps Automation

Cnetric’s capabilities help enterprises move to the cloud successfully and migrate their applications from on-premises to the cloud with security and high performance.

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Our satisfied clients

Cnetric has helped many businesses migrate to the cloud, including our clients NESA and DKSH. Cnetric helped DKSH in migrating from IBM SoftLayer cloud to Azure. Cnetric also helped NESA move their eCommerce application from an on-premises environment to an Azure cloud environment.

Our approach

Cnetric provided a professional and experienced approach to service delivery utilizing an agile delivery methodology for successful project completion.

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What we do

Cnetric provides a seamless and non-disruptive cloud migration solution that has helped our clients in delivering an engaging experience for their customers. In addition to cloud migration services, Cnetric also provides recommendations for optimal tuning and operation of your cloud services.