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Application & Data Integration

Enhance Customer Experience with Application & Data Integration

Cnetric is the only platform designed from the ground up for a cloud-first world, and it can handle all of your data integration and engineering needs, including ingestion, ETL, ELT, CDC, streaming analytics, data preparation, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can build and deploy pipelines in minutes using cnetric.

Mesh is the Orchestration Layer

Ready-to-Use Integrations

Cnetric offers more than 100 ready-to-use integrations for databases, SaaS applications, cloud storage, SDKs, and streaming services. Connect to any source and analyse data in a variety of formats with ease.

User-Friendly Data Pipeline

Cnetric is a no-code, user-friendly data pipeline. It transfers data in real time from any source to your warehouse, allowing for faster analytics.

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