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eCommerce Redefined

Ecommerce is being reborn with cutting-edge technologies like voice commerce, exclusive pop-ups, Augmented Reality-enabled shopping, online-to-offline (O2O), headless commerce and progressive web applications (PWA), etc. Smart mirrors, video games, and live streams have transformed the ecommerce landscape. The future of ecommerce looks promising with technological breakthrough and changes in consumers’ preferences.

Selling Directly To Consumers

Selling Directly To Consumers

Direct to Consumer (DTC) selling is a growing trend. This is largely due to increasing popularity of private brands that occupy 20% of the consumables market and offer their own brands in lieu of legacy manufacturers. This is causing more traditional brands and manufacturers to opt for DTC selling. Consumers are eager for this change as it provides better value for money. With DTC, brands can own the customers, get access to first-party data for hyper-personalization and offer ultra-personalization and enjoy freedom to design their own customized products that win customers over, turning them into brand evangelists.

Customer & User Experience

Soon customer experience will be the top priority for any brand, even more important than pricing. A poor experience will cause customers to switch brands in the blink of an eye. In an era of omnichannel engagement and multiple avenues of shopping, you must optimize every aspect of user experience from website design to load time and payment options. Headless systems that have decoupled architecture can help you deliver a great experience anywhere a customer wants to engage like voice or social commerce. Aside from the popularity of mobile shopping, consumers are catching up with the new trend of social shopping with its varied aspects such as groups, communities, recommendations, discussions and selling products and services online. With group shopping facilities, it is possible to secure group discounts for bulk selling. Voice assistants & voice search are rapidly gaining momentum and becoming consumers’ preferred choice while shopping online. Cnetric’s expertise can help you harness these omnichannel opportunities and deliver a delightful experience that retains customers.

Customer & User Experience
The Promising World of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Promising World of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI-enabled ecommerce automation is bringing revolution across ecommerce industry, primarily by eliminating human error in managing multiple stores, streamlining cross-border commerce and top-rated shopping experience. Hyper-personalization is booming with mobile voice-related searches – most of these are locally-based. Localization is going to rule in this decade to deliver tailor-made product recommendations at the right time and place.

AI is extensively employed in digital self-service tools, such as on websites, apps, or via chatbots. AI-powered chatbots answer customers queries extremely fast and can provide better customer service post sale. With the ecommerce industry moving towards omnichannel marketing, AI provides personalized suggestions and support, driving greater sales. Cnetric can help you delight customers with an AI-powered, omnichannel shopping experience.

The Power of Analytics

Today’s tech-savvy consumers look for a superior purchase experience across all touch points with relevant and useful content. The orchestration of connected technologies and channels has the capability to capture the digital footprints of these consumers. Organizations can derive valuable insights and uncover patterns through the power of analytics utilizing Machine Learning and adaptive analytics models. With these customer insights, organizations can fine-tune customer experience at every step of their journey and deliver hyper-personalized services and products. This drives higher conversions resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

The Power of Analytics

The Just Group

Strategic implementation partner for Just Group’s eCommerce solution. We enabled each brand to quickly set up online stores with Integration platforms.

Business Challenge

The Just group were looking for a single platform that would allow them to take all 7 of their brands online (JayJays, Dotti, Jacqui-E, Portmans, Smiggle, Just Jeans, and Peter Alexander). There were many challenges to consider when bringing so many brands onto one platform. From a technical perspective Cnetric needed to consider the various systems that each brand integrated with and how to normalise the integration as much as possible. It also had to cater to a very tech-savvy market enabling the brand to reach out on multiple channels, web and mobile.

The Solution

Cnetric was engaged as the strategic implementation partner for the Just Group’s eCommerce solution.  An architecture and approach was defined that enabled Just Group to quickly onboard new brands onto the platform.  It enabled each brand to quickly set up mobile and online stores, enabled social interaction with customers through blog participation, and enabled rapid integration to the backend systems.

Cnetric continues to be a strategic partner with Just Providing ongoing support services and continuously improving the sites capabilities.  Over the past 12 months Just Group has seen revenue across all the brands increase by 24% and in some brands increase by as much as 40%.  Cnetric is very proud to be part of this successful eCommerce implementation.

Coles Online

Partnered with IBM to migrate Coles from WebSphere Commerce 6 to WebSphere Commerce 7.

Business Challenge

Cole Online is one of if not the highest transacting online shop in Australia.  After several years of success, the Coles team were looking for a platform refresh that would future proof their environment and enhance the online shopping experience for their customer.  

The Solution

Cnetric worked in partnership with IBM to migrate Coles from WebSphere Commerce 6 to WebSphere Commerce 7.  We provided guidance, and technical expertise to ensure Coles took advantage of the key features of the system.  To prepare them for the gotcha’s and to ensure they were successful.  Centric provided technical leadership executing on the more complex components of the solution including integration to back end systems.

By partnering with digial teams, Coles and IBM, Cnetric was part of a large team that implemented what is perhaps Australia’s single largest online implementation.  This solution provides a strong customer experience by providing a seamless shopping experience that connects the customer directly to their local Coles super market.

Sunglass Hut

eCommerce solution to support the multiple brands of Sunglass Hut. Integration of back-end systems and product cataloging.

Business Challenge

As a well-known international brand, Sunglass hut were looking for an eCommerce solution that could support multiple brands and stores around the world. This required a scalable solution that also provided a unique experience for each country, brand, and to integrate with each unique back end systems while accessing a common product catalogue.

The Solution

Cnetric worked with the Sunglass Hut team to develop a solution based on the WebSphere Commerce Enterprise platform. Using the extended sites capabilities Cnetric developed a solution that enabled Sunglass Hut to quickly create a site for multiple geographies and brands. This enabled the Sunglass Hut to roll out a modern consistent online and mobile experiences for each brand and geography.

The solution leveraged the existing IT capabilities at Sunglass Hut. Cnetric integrated the solution to the existing payment gateway, Order Management, and content management systems. Including WebSphere Commerce into its existing capabilities enabled the Sunglass hut to develop a positive online and mobile experience for their customers.

Hobie Cat Company

Since 1950, California-based Hobie has been in the business of unique lifestyle-based water, kayaking, and quality fishing products.

Business Challenge

Hobie needed a roadmap and platform alignment to achieve a targeted $2million in online revenue during the holiday season.

The Solution

We helped charter a roadmap to achieve their online revenue targets and implemented system integration for an API-first commerce journey. EPCC, Algolia, Avalara, Django/Python to engage D2C. Incorporated a dealer fulfillment module to avoid channel conflict.


David Jones

An up-market Australian department store chain, with an annual turnover in excess of US$1.4bn.

Business Challenge

They wanted a complete redesign of thier current online store, with the introduction of a “mobile” store site. This also included revamping their e-tail order and warehose fullfillment processes.

The Solution

Cnetric worked in partnership with IBM GBS to provide a solution that would enable a streamlined, customer focused operation to support an online channel.

This would house a diverse product range, coupled with David Jones’ renowned in-store service. The focus was on efficient delivery of key services such as Browse, Select & Purchase online or in-store. Customers could browse the e-tail catalog on PC/Mobile/Call Center or even in-store where orders can be placed through a sales agent.

king power

King Power

Development on an online store for the leading duty-free retailer in Thailand to cater to duty-free goods for travelers and non-duty free goods for residents.

Business Challenge

Catering to large volumes of tourists through their stores in airports and within cities. They wanted an eCommerce solution to allow customers to order duty-free items for pickup or non-duty-free items for delivery. The site also needed to reflect an already planned rebranding.

The Solution

Cnetric in partnership with IBM implemented a commerce solution on Cloud (SoftLayer). The solution met the unique requirements of King Power’s business model allowing more freedom for shoppers to order on the go. We launched the site in 3 months with greater visibility to customers across channels and countries including Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and Korean languages.

Online revenue rose to over THB 2 million in less than 6 months.

Mahindra Powerol

Development of eStore for retailing of home and industrial use generators and inverters on IBM WCS v7 FEP7

Rosetta Group

Partnered with Rosetta Group to deliver B2C and B2B eCommerce sites for major US and Global clients.


Development of new eCommerce site in WCS 7.0 for fashion retailer


Yamaha Music

Development of eCommerce site using WCS v7 to sell music instruments and courses online

Samson Industries

Implementation of B2B eCommerce site for tighter integration with suppliers


Enhancements to existing WebSphere Commerce implementation partnered with Fujitsu


Development of e-Commerce WebShop utilising WebSphere Commerce


Re-design of existing .NET based eShop using WebSphere Commerce in partnership with CapGemini.


Large scale re-design of existing eShop onto the WebSphere Commerce v7 platform.