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Analytics & Insights

Big Data Analytics for Greater Sales

Studies show that many organizations only analyze about 12% of their data, leaving a huge volume of their data untapped. Cnetric leverages leading Big Data analytics to help you harness these huge volumes of data residing in your enterprise, generated by customer and prospect interactions with your brand. We help you turn this data into actionable insights that drive more targeted marketing efforts, better customer service and uncover new revenue opportunities. Visualization with drill-down capabilities drives better decision-making so you can tailor your efforts to win customers and increase conversions.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Measure, Understand and Then Act

Whilst the use cases and datasets vary, all of our capabilities revolve around a core theme – we correlate information from multiple sources allowing you to better understand the impact of decisions and changes. Our suite of analytics tools give you the insight you need to make clear decisions based on facts.

Make Critical Decisions Based On Hard Data

Planning, forecasting, and anticipating future demand are tasks traditionally done via spreadsheets. But what if a predictive model could be used to simulate the impact of price changes, market competition, or even disruptive technologies? Leveraging historical customer data can provide accurate forecasts to make more successful decisions and drive sales.

Shift towards Open Source
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Success through Insight

If your organization excels in storing data, but suffers from understanding it, our big data practice can help – using cost effective and powerful tools to help you make sense of the data at hand. Whether planning marketing campaigns, looking to understand resource requirements, or seeking to further understand customer buying behaviors, our big data team can help you draw conclusions and make sense of the noise.