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Digital Experience (UX/CX)

Digital Experience (DX) & Customer Experience (CX) For Greater Sales

A positive customer experience can make or break an eCommerce business in today’s customer-centric world. Over 53% of customers abandon their shopping if they have to wait 3 seconds or more. As you can see the bar is high for pleasing today’s online customers. This is where a technologically-optimized digital experience (DX) and customer experience (CX) plays a substantial role in delighting customers to build sustained engagement and loyalty.

You must bridge the silos of your web site, mobile app, offline and backend systems and you must think of DX strategy as being a significant piece of your customer experience (CX) strategy. Cnetric’s services, solutions and expertise can help your organization truly standout from the pack through seamless, omnichannel, thoughtful customer experience.

Full Spectrum of Digital Experience

Full Spectrum of Digital Experience

Facets of State-Of-The-Art DX

  • Harmony among different applications in the area of marketing, commerce, sales and service forms the elementary interface between your customers and your company.
  • Personalization based on tracking user behavior and interactions with you brand, so you can provide intelligent suggestions that suit their preference.
  • Your eCommerce platform should have flexible capabilities and APIs to develop and maintain flawless data integration to provide a seamless digital experience.
  • Ensure that your customers data stays private and protected while they engage with your brand across multiple channels and devices.
  • eCommerce platforms with great digital experience must also utilize analytical tools with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to track and measure consumer behavior and parameters of success.

Advantages of Great
Digital Experience


Personalized offers and strategies drive greater customer retention and sales.


Omnichannel engagement covers all your bases to maximize sales & profits.


A truly seamless experience keeps customers delighted and returning for more.


Translate content into a customer’s preferred language for ease & convenience.