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Manufacturing & Distribution

Drive Engagement & Customer Experience with Manufacturing & Distribution

The manufacturing and distribution industry has struggled with challenges brought about by manual processes, legacy applications, and outdated systems. Buyer engagement has also suffered from a lack of visibility across the value chain, leading to over/under production, increased costs, and reduced productivity of resources. Around the world, companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry are seeking to implement digital transformation initiatives to better serve partners and customers, with the following priorities receiving the greatest attention (source IBM):

  • Operational resilience (88%)
  • Wellbeing/ working environment (83%)
  • Supply chain integrity & resilience (75%)
  • Supply chain visibility (71%)
  • Improving operational efficiency (65%)

Enabling Digital-first operations in Manufacturing & Distribution:

We can supercharge the digital transformation initiatives for your manufacturing and distribution brand through capabilities such as;

  • IIoT and Smart Manufacturing: Incorporating IoT devices into Industrial use cases is helping enterprises more effectively monitor device usage and wear and tear and appropriately assign preventive maintenance efforts to prolong device life and protect capital investments. Additionally, modeling physical device actions in a digital environment helps optimize and tune usage for better productivity
  • Employee Engagement Apps: Custom mobile applications that track and guide activities, streamline processes and facilitate interactions help employees approach their tasks with greater confidence and success.
  • B2B & D2C Commerce: Whether selling through to your wider distribution network or engaging with end-customers directly, utilizing modern eCommerce architectures and frameworks helps organizations deliver seamless and personalized experiences to drive revenue and loyalty.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Supply chain disruptions globally are delivering shipments and deliveries, causing losses and unsatisfied customers. Leveraging supply chain visualization tools, businesses can identify potential risks and agree on optimal courses of action to minimize business impact.
Elastic Path Pioneers in Headless Architecture

Our satisfied clients

DKSH is a leading distribution and market expansion enterprise in Southeast Asia with a presence in over 33 countries and distributing product lines ranging across CPG, performance materials, healthcare and more. We helped DKSH set up a B2B eCommerce solution that helped them engage with their buyers across Southeast Asia. We developed extended sites for each country business unit (eg. Thailand Healthcare, Vietnam CPG, Australia performance materials etc). which allowed those units to engage with their specific buyers through catalog entitlement, differentiated pricing and loyalty programs. The solution has been rolled out to 8 business units.


LKH Electric

Migrating existing static site to WCS platform for effective brand positioning

Business Challenge

Singapore’s leading distributor of electrical materials serving a broad distribution base.

Implemented eCommerce on WCS v6 to enrich customer interactions and build stronger relationships with them.

With the upgraded capabilities of IBM WCS v7 FEP5 around search and page layout capabilities, LKH wished to migrate to this version of the platform

The Solution

Migrated the customer from the existing Madisons store based solution on WCS v6 to Aurora store based solution on WCS v7 FEP5.

The OOB features were enabled. Features that were customisations earlier but now available
OOB were enabled as well to take advantage of the existing functionality. Remaining
customisations were migrated.

Allowed LKH to take advantage of the powerful OOB Solr search to allow customers to quickly
search through their large catalog.

A more easily manageable front-end and new page layout capabilities allowed business users to easily engage with customers and manage communications such as newsletters.



Customization and deployment of Sales Centre module of WCS in partnership with Hitachi



Cnetric designed a B2B E-Commerce solution that would enable a streamlined, customer-focused operation to support the B2B online channels across seven countries. by leveraging the capabilities of the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform to shorten delivery time while hosting on IBM cloud..