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As customers move increasingly online, enterprises looking to create multi-vendor marketplaces to be the one-stop destination for their customers needs. In 2020, online marketplaces accounted for 62% of global web sales (source: Digital Commerce 360). Online marketplaces help businesses retain and expand sales and customers by offering a broader product assortment and greater convenience.Traditional e-commerce platforms were not designed to support marketplaces' multi-vendor structure. A marketplace platform therefore brings together the key capabilities required by the business to manage vendors and customers with ease.

Arcadier Marketplace Solution

Arcadier is the industry-leading SaaS marketplace platform which allows enterprises of all sorts to easily and affordably make use of marketplace technologies. Clients can choose from various marketplace categories on Arcadier, including buying and selling goods, booking services, and renting space or goods. Each marketplace type has its own range of workflows and features that Arcadier has customized to its specific requirements. Additionally, the admin and seller portals of Arcadier Marketplaces are both user-friendly and designed to be completely self-serve.

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Arcadier & Cnetric Services

We at Cnetric leverage our expertise in combinations with Arcadier's marketplace platform to help businesses build their unique marketplace website and user experience. With our knowledge of the Arcadier marketplace and our experience delivering exceptional digital solutions for a wide range of clients, we can provide the following services:

Better Performance

Implementation Services

Companies seeking to establish an online marketplace can utilize Cnetrics expertise and Arcadiers diverse marketplace business models to rapidly setup their online marketplace storefront.

Higher Security

Transformation Services

Transform a single-vendor eCommerce site into a multi-vendor marketplace with the help of our professional team, who will assist you to use Arcadier to build in-depth features and a user experience that meets global standards.

Cheaper Easier Scaling

Migration Services

Our experts can migrate your custom marketplace system to the commercial Arcadier platform whose comprehensive and in-depth features and competitive pricing packages drive business growth.

Better Developer Experience

Enhancements Services

Building a functional marketplace is just one stage in your digital transformation process. Our broad partner ecosystem provides you with holistic support catering to all your business needs.

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Enhance your eCommcerce system with innovative technology.