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Drive Engagement & Customer Experience with Jetti

With diverse marketplace operators addressing niche and broad customer requirements, enterprises are seeking lightweight, flexible API-driven marketplace platforms that enable them to create multi-vendor, multi-channel marketplaces quickly and easily. Jetti is the dropship automation and marketplace platform that meets the need of these organizations. The Jetti platform can be used by customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

Some of the features of the platform include:

  • Vendor Onboarding and Integration (with Vendor Portal)
  • Product Publishing
  • Drop-ship as well as in-house fulfillment
  • Syncing of inventory and orders
  • Order splitting and routing
  • Shipping
  • Automated vendor commission calculation and vendor payments
  • Returns Management
  • API custom workflows

… and much more

Working Together Blending Virtual and Live Agents


With the rich features and capabilities offered by Jetti, there’s a need for a skilled implementation partner who can implement, customize the platform according to your needs.

Digital Transformation

Cnetric can help you in achieving the end-to-end digital transformation needed in this highly competitive industry. If you are looking to set up a marketplace on the Jetti platform, our skilled implementation team is able to assist with implementing Jetti or migrate to Jetti from other marketplace platforms.

Leap Ahead of The Pack
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Pre-composed Solutions

We also provide pre-composed solutions integrated with Jetti which can help reduce implementation time by 50-60%. Enterprises looking to set up an online marketplace that leverages Jetti will benefit from Cnetric’s accelerated speed to market and pre-integration to Jetti through our precomposed solutions.