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Universal Virtual Agent

AI for Exceptional Customer Service

Your business relies on customer interaction and that is why providing excellent customer service is crucial. But with the high cost of labor and rising customer expectations how do you deliver great service and manage cost? Cnetric Universal Virtual Agent is a cost-effective method to help your business provide exceptional, consistent customer service at an affordable price.

Marco Virtual Agent

'Marco' Virtual Agent

Our virtual agent code-named ‘Marco’ provides human-like experiences through voice, text, and chat. It has capabilities in cross-industries like telecom, retail, financial services, government, and many other verticals. Marco also supports a range of use cases: new service activation, service update or upgrade, billing status & inquiries, collections of outstanding dues, inventory and order status, and much more.

Intuitive, Conversational Dialogue Powered by AI

Marco powers an intelligent, human-like dialogue between your customer and your company. It comes with a rich set of features, including the ability to understand complex inquiries, ask clarifying questions and personalize responses. Marco becomes smarter over time learning from interactions to help brands deliver a superior customer self service experience.

Intuitive, Conversational Dialogue Powered by AI
Working Together Blending Virtual and Live Agents

Working Together: Blending Virtual and Live Agents

Marco can work hand-in-hand with your live agents. Our AI can handle the initial conversation with your customers and handle all initial conversations but when a human touch is needed Marco will seamlessly hand off to an agent with the full context provided. Boost customer satisfaction, plus agent morale and retention by letting Marco help with the heavy lifting and assisting when necessary.