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Drive Engagement & Customer Experience with Healthcare

Digital solutions are transforming operations even in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is moving from being Physician centered to being Patient-focused, moving from isolated individuals to socially connected users. This transition from sick-care to a focus on health and well-being is paving the way for healthcare going from low to high engagement. It no longer has limited accessibility, rather it is now convenient and available 24/7 as having now moved to virtual consultations through mobile apps. Patients are benefitting from this transformation, and doctors are also seeing the results through increased efficiency, improved quality of care, reduction in errors, and cost savings.

Digital transformation initiatives in healthcare have delivered measurable benefits:

  • 50% less time spent by nurses on filling out forms
  • 118% increase in patient satisfaction
  • 20% increase in time spent by a doctor with patient
  • 41% increased data exchange with other care providers
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Enabling Digital-first operations in Healthcare:

We enable a whole new way to operate your healthcare brand through digital initiatives such as;

  • Digital Patient Engagement: Health and wellness portals and mobile apps which offer virtual appointments, access to digital test reports, wellness information, and more so that patients can receive speedy diagnostic advice for healthy living. These can incorporate chatbots for live updates, answers, support & guidance.
  • Electronic Health Record: Single repository to record patient and doctor data with fewer errors. Secure storage ensures there is no misuse of data while allowing authorized individuals to be able to access critical information when required.
  • B2C/B2B eCommerce: Making medication and equipment more easily available to customers at lower costs, while delivering cost savings to medical institutions through the implementation of eCommerce capabilities for both B2C and B2B use cases.
  • Virtual enablement: Inspire a culture of continuous learning by providing healthcare professionals access to key material related to their field across any device. Ability to offer live streaming virtual as well as scheduled sessions based on convenience.
Elastic Path Pioneers in Headless Architecture

Our satisfied clients

Roche is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies globally. Cnetric implemented an online web store that supports both B2B and B2C requirements internationally, with the ability to register specific buyers, create requisition lists and create quick orders and a real-time pricing check with Roche’s back-end SAP system. The online order placing facilities handle upwards of 300 orders per day.

A healthcare startup in India is seeking to disrupt the traditional consultation model by offering virtual video consultations on the web and mobile to make healthcare more accessible. Cnetric has helped the



Business Challenge

Need effective online storefront for order placement.

One robust solution that could handle both B2B & B2C business models.

Individual country sites with language and currency etc. specific to the country.

The Solution

Created 3 B2C stores for India, Korea and Australia along with 2 B2B stores.

Each country site integrated to a payment gateway specific to the country.

Real time pricing check in the middle of order flow from SAP.

Registration of organization & distributors, saving requisition list & customized quick order functionality among others.

Customers can now place orders online in their own currency and through their preferred payment gateway.

Robust enough to handle the B2B transactions of up to 300 orders per day

health uno


Cnetric engineered a Tele-medicine platform for Healthuno which includes web and mobile applications for doctors and patients for online video consultations and also includes back-end administration dashboards for assisted appointment scheduling, configuration, data management and analytics. The platform integrates with Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs, Pharmacies, Insurance companies to provide a comprehensive set of TeleHealth capabilities.