What is Headless eCommerce?

A headless ecommerce system is the decoupling of your presentation layer (the website) from your backend (the technology that drives your website). Whereas a traditional system is monolithic meaning the body and head are attached. The shift to headless is a powerful catalyst for a nimble business that can drive greater sales.

Faster Time to Market

Since the monolithic approach has multiple constraints any modification requires developers to edit the code, database, business logic, and the frontend as well. This is stressful, time-consuming and places your business at risk for mistakes. Decoupling reduces complexity, and both your frontend and backend teams can work simultaneously while independent of each other.

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Omnichannel Reach

When you remove the restraints from your developers and marketers you are empowering your team to deliver extraordinary digital experience. For an omnichannel experience, you need a seamless presentation on multiple screen sizes (smartwatch, mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and kiosk). Not to mention all the new channels like IOT, voice assistants, wearables, AR/VR, AI Bots, Social Commerce and any new channels that tomorrow brings.

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Customization, Personalization & Flexibility

Going headless allows brands to experiment and create custom experiences for different personas or A/B tests with variants in typography and design. You can have endless flexibility and customization options only limited by your imagination. Besides, being API-driven the headless commerce platform is able to quickly adjust to the latest innovations in technologies.

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An Eye on 5G

Have you considered how 5G will impact your eCommerce business? 5G will be 100x faster than 4G and this will have a massive effect on how mobile devices consume data. Many modern shoppers love to shop from their mobile devices, so your business must adapt to 5G. With exponentially higher speed, increased capacity, and low latency new channels will emerge or grow like with AR/VR and IOT. Cnetric has the expertise to help you transform your eCommerce business to a headless system, so you can thrive in the era of 5G.

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Social Commerce

Social commerce is your company's ability to sell its products directly within social media platforms. This is a hot trend and growing by leaps and bounds. But there are a large number of social platforms and each one has its unique difficulty to present your products there. The headless commerce architecture will support your enterprise’s efforts to sell directly within social sites.

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Disrupt eCommerce with a Headless System.