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Government & Education

Widespread Adoption of Digitization in Government and Education Sectors

With the rising demand for online services, government agencies have been rapidly deploying new applications across citizen services, e-governance and related services to embrace online engagement with participants. With an aim to transform citizens’ lives, all levels of government bodies of local, state and federal nature are turning to technology. From deploying the concept of IoT-enabled smart cities to automation, government agencies are prepared to enter the next phase of innovation and implement sophisticated technologies to drive wide-scale automation and efficiency. This has led to several digital transformation projects that span portal, commerce, middleware technologies. Cnetric has been involved in a number of such Government projects across the globe.

Edtech has been a buzzword for quite some time and has picked up enormous momentum recently. From interactive whiteboards, front-facing projectors, customized learning experiences, voice-to-text and text-to-voice transcription technologies to Internet of Things the shift is inevitable. It broadens the scope for continuous experimentation and feedback to improve. It also enables the availability of massive volumes of resources through media integration, live annotation and gamification and more that improve learning outcomes. Cnetric can help you harness digital innovation for edtech.

Key Digital Trends Sculpting the 21st Century’s Government Bodies

Elastic Path Pioneers in Headless Architecture

The age of traditional CMS structures is slowly coming to a standstill vacating space for the innovative and faster decoupled and headless solutions. Elastic Path, with its headless architecture, has capabilities to drive content distribution to any device or channel with internet access such as wearables, social media, kiosks, virtual and augmented reality, voice assistants, etc. This is key to a consistent omnichannel experience for prospects and customers.

Rise and Boom of the Edtech Industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are providing students with realistic learning experiences where they can choose their learning setting. This allows first-hand experiences of certain undoable events, and other scenarios. Personalization and gamification allow individually tailored programs that make learning faster, engaging and fun. Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are causing stir in the edtech industry, with chatbots and applications that have Natural Language Processing (NLP) solving complex problems with instantaneous feedback and scoring capabilities. Smart campuses operated through IoT, facilitate a highly customizable learning ecosystem through connected devices into a single network.

Rise and Boom of the Edtech Industry
Collaboration with Government Agencies

Collaboration with Government Agencies

Cnetric has successfully implemented projects for the HR ministry in India for managing scholarship programs funded by the central government, portals for department for health services and WorkSafe in Australia, and citizen services applications in Singapore. Cnetric has vast experience working with government agencies globally to help the both state and county based agencies in several areas including portal and commerce, cloud transformation, application modernization and middleware.

Collaboration with Educational Institutions

Having worked with several educational institutions such as NESA in Australia and IIE in United States, Cnetric has garnered expertise in implementing portal and ecommerce applications in the education sector. Cnetric has successfully deployed ecommerce portals on cloud to sell and market curriculum, books and accessories for the Board of Education, as well as built student and participant portals to manage university scholarship programs across the globe. The technology prowess in best of breed tools and technologies enabled Cnetric to deliver these projects successfully in short-timeframes at an economical cost leveraging an onshore and offshore delivery model.

Collaboration with Educational Institutions

Institute of International Education, Washington DC

Business Challenge

IIE’s existing participant portal used by approximately twelve to fifteen thousand participants, for tasks such as uploading documents, entering addresses and contact information, updating information about members of their household, entering travel and insurance information, and completing surveys did not meet many of the key requirements for IIE’s program participants and was not mobile-enabled making it difficult to use for many participants. IIE was therefore seeking to revamp the Participant portal to deliver a more intuitive, easy to use experience on the portal which could be easily managed by the IIE staff.

The Solution

Cnetric recommended a Drupal powered portal solution for IIE that would help meet the needs for their Participant portal. The Participant portal developed by Cnetric will provide an opportunity for program participants to have an online channel to view, add and update information about themselves, upload and search documents, view grant information etc.

The solution would be implemented in 2 phases, wherein the first phase will focus on the implementation of the participant portal and the 2nd phase will include capabilities for sponsors and 3rd parties to utilize the portal. The solution will also be integrated to IIE’s back-end CRM as well as other internal and external systems to provide a complete view of the participant’s details thereby becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ where the participants, and in the future sponsors and 3rd parties, can view and update.

With You With Me

Created a online network for ex-defense personnel to ease the transition to corporate life after active service

Passion App

We helped the government of Singapore with a Contactless ePurse Application to bring greater savings, rewards, and privileges to 2,500 commerce outlets islandwide.