Revitalize Your Website with JAMStack & Gatsby

Great customer experience is immensely important to brands It can either create or depress sales. The feel a customer gets from your site goes a long way in terms of sales, repeat business, referrals, and overall brand reputation. A solid visual design is important but if your site is slow then this can become frustrating to the customer and have negative effects on revenue and your brand. If you are looking to reduce friction between users and your website then the JAMstack is perfect for you.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack websites don't depend on a web server to make them lighting quick. This is achieved by pre-rendering files and serving them directly from a CDN. It uses certain new technologies and it is also a new way to build websites and apps that deliver better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and better developer experience. Pre-rendered sites can be enhanced with JavaScript and the growing capabilities of browsers and services available via APIs.

What is JAMstack

Better Performance

Servers have been used to build pages on the fly but why wait for a server when you can generate them at deploy time? When it comes to minimizing the time to the first byte, nothing beats pre-built files served over a CDN.

Better Performance

Higher Security

With server-side processes abstracted into microservice APIs, surface areas for attacks are reduced. Customer data and security is important and with no direct connection to your server you are mitigating risk.

Higher Security

Cheaper, Easier Scaling

When your deployment amounts to a stack of files that can be served on multiple channels, scaling is a matter of serving those files to more places. CDNs are perfect for this and often include scaling in all of their plans.

Cheaper Easier Scaling

Better Developer Experience

Loose coupling and separation of controls allow for more targeted development and debugging, and the expanding selection of CMS options for site generators removes the need to maintain a separate stack for content and marketing.

Better Developer Experience

Why GatsbyJS?

The JAM in JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. They can be built by hand but our preferred method is using GatsbyJS. Gatsby is based on ReactJS and brings your content to the edge for fast and safe websites and apps delivered with no CMS overhead. It delivers dynamic content turning websites into lightning-fast progressive web apps (PWA) that skyrocket engagement. It can instantly scale for traffic spikes and it’s fast iteration times give you time to push boundaries and deliver a rich user experience.

Why GatsbyJS

Enhance your eCommcerce system with innovative technology.