Foster Innovation & Flexibility

IBM and Red Hat are the best of two worlds. By combining the power and flexibility of Red Hat open hybrid cloud technologies with the scale and depth of IBM innovation and industry expertise, you now have access to the tools and talent you need to accelerate your cloud journey. Cnetric has been an IBM partner since its creation and our team has some of the deepest talent sets in the market so look no further for your Cloud Transformation.

Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Multi-Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise has slowly learned that the cloud is an increasingly complex environment to manage. IBM with the purchase of Red Hat is trying to simplify the complexities of cloud infrastructure regardless of how your company wants to run it. They are helping to simplify the IT environments across every aspect such as platform, containers, Linux, middleware. data and AI making everything less brittle. Cnetric is an expert in cloud transformation and helps simplify your implementation.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

This enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform is the right choice for implementing grand ideas. Cnetric can help your team shift from VMs to containers with some amazing benefits like faster time to market, lower cost, greater resource utilization, and rapid iteration cycles. Cnetric would be glad to help you being your containerized future to boost your eCommerce system.

Shift towards Open Source

A Cloud That Works for You

Cnetric can help you design a cloud suite that works the way you work. Whether it is a private, public, multi, or hybrid cloud with tightly integrated Red Hat technologies for cloud infrastructure, cloud-native apps, we can orchestrate deployment across hybrid IT environments.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Middleware and Runtimes

Middleware and Runtimes Cnetric being a middleware specialist can accelerate application development and delivery with Red Hat runtimes. This set of products, tools, and components can be used for developing and maintaining cloud-native applications. This offers lightweight runtimes and frameworks for microservices.

Shift towards Open Source

Living on the Edge

Edge computing is more important than ever with an explosion of IoT devices, virtual machines, AI/ML workloads in microservices architectures, and much more. Edge computing is an integral part of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy. It extends the goal of providing a consistent experience and works with any cloud architecture.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

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