Accelerate your order management & enhance user experience

Fluent OMS is a cloud-native order and inventory management platform which allows you to scale as required, anywhere in the world, and be effective in order to handle growth. It gives you a single view of orders across all platforms, allowing you to offer a consistent omnichannel experience and more flexible delivery options to your customers. Orders and returns are managed by the system across all the distribution centers, stores, and drop shippers. Cnetric is helping businesses use Fluent OMS‘s feature-rich platform for centralized monitoring of inventory, orders, sales, and distribution. With our knowledge of Fluent OMS and our experience delivering excellent Omni-channel solutions for a wide range of clients, we provide the following services:

Implementation & Enhancement Services

Cnetric can assist you in integrating Fluent OMS into your eCommerce solution to deliver omnichannel capabilities. Our certified team is here to help you in ensuring the smooth management of inventory and orders. Also, if you want to keep up with customer requirements and market competition utilizing Fluent OMS, we can help you incorporate capabilities such as curbside pickup, as well as integrating with our wide network of partners, including eCommerce, CMS, PIM, Marketplace, and payment gateway providers.

GraphQL Is Making Headlines

Migration Services

If you want to shift from legacy systems, custom modules or manual entry to Fluent OMS's omnichannel experience, we'll provide the expertise, direction, and resources you need to make the transition easy and implement an order management system that tracks data, inventory turnover ratios, and order processing across channels.

Implementing GraphQL the Cnetric Way

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