Limitless Commerce Possibilities

The pandemic has disrupted how brands engage with their customers, accelerating eCommerce adoption by 4-5 years. Companies in every industry are moving online to ease the purchase process in the face of growing competition and rapidly changing expectations. In today's fast-moving digital world, speed to market, agility, and flexibility have become critical business needs. To keep up,companies need an agile platform that enables new features to be tested and rolled out quickly in order to present an intuitive and engaging experience that converts and retains customers.

commercetools MACH Architecture

Commercetools provides the building blocks for this emerging digital commerce era. Its industry leading cloud platform is highly scalable, with a flexible commerce API at its core, support for a modern microservice-based architecture and a wide range of integrations. commercetools was also recognized as the Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce by Gartner.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Cnetric Services & commercetools

Cnetric is helping businesses use the cutting-edge API approach of commercetools to inspire their commerce teams to design innovative and engaging digital commerce experiences anywhere. Our expertise in the commercetools platform, coupled with our experience in delivering successful eCommerce outcomes for a range of clients, enables us to provide the following services.

Shift towards Open Source

Implementation Services

If you are looking to set up a new digital sales channel on the commercetools platform, we can help. Our experienced and certified team marry creativity and technical know-how to deliver solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Migration Services

Still on legacy, monolithic systems and seeking to move to the nimble and future-proof commercetools platform? With our broad range of eCommerce experience spanning multiple technologies, we have the knowledge, expertise and methodology to make the migration quick and seamless.

Shift towards Open Source

Enhancement Services

Seeking to grow your RoI on the commercetools platform? Our wide partner network spanning CMS applications, OMS systems, PIM tools, Marketplace platforms, payment gateways, search providers, tax and compliance software and much more, can help you derive the greatest value on your eCommerce investments.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Drive greater online retail sales with digital innovation.