Rise of Mobile Commerce

There has been a huge increase in mobile commerce and research shows that 70% of all internet traffic hails from mobile devices. Brands are optimizing their ecommerce sites for mobile devices for an intuitive, seamless experience. With the introduction of 5G, loading times for mobile devices will be much faster than 4G, meaning that users can find and buy in mere seconds. According to some estimates, 5G will drive ecommerce revenue to $12 billion. Organizations must leverage 5G technology to make their mobile websites faster to drive greater sales and conversions. Cnetric’s expertise can help you with your 5G transition.

Boosting Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR markets will grow massively with the advent of 5G technology. Ultra-smooth VR and AR experiences will be possible and eliminate the need for customers to visit stores to get a feel for products. This is set to revolutionize sales with VR and AR markets estimated to be $80 billion by 2025. Drive sales and thrill customers with 5G-powered experiences across multiple touch points.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

AI-powered customer service tools such as chatbots and virtual personal assistants are gaining popularity due to speedy resolution of customer queries. Delayed responses are detrimental to customer facing business units, resulting in poor customer experiences, heightened customer churn and decreased ROI. Hence, with elevated speed of 5G, there is a considerable reduction in these issues, boosting customer experience with providing solutions at record speed.

Shift towards Open Source

Enhanced Efficiency in Internet of Things (IoT)

With 5G in operation, data sharing over connected devices such as wearables, smart home devices, smart cars, etc. will be effortless. Consumers can purchase online through any device of their choosing with convenient sales support. Customer experience will reach new heights with 5G-enabled inter-connected devices.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Turn the Dream of Autonomous Vehicles into Reality

With the advancement in machine learning and AI, autonomous vehicles are becoming reality. Self-driving cars, comprising hundreds of sensors, make use of huge amounts of data to run autonomously. Processing such volumes of data requires faster networks to function at the level of human reflexes. With 5G’s incredible network speed, autonomous vehicles can analyze information and operate at an optimum level on the roads. 5G will cause these vehicles to be safe and reliable.

Shift towards Open Source

Revolution in Marketing & Advertising

With super-fast 5G networks in place, high-end screens for ad placements will cause a stir in the media world. 5G coupled with Augmented Reality technologies will open up new marketing channels for marketers and advertisers for product placement. Mobile marketing will be geared towards voice conversations with the power of 5G.

Greater Value at Lower Costs

Disrupt eCommerce with 5G innovation.