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The worldwide pandemic has brought different challenges to different segments of e-commerce retailers. Are you facing overwhelming online demand as your physical stores are closed? Are you seeing a large drop-off in demand and need to focus shoppers on items that are essential and/or more useful in this time of need? Are you impacted by shoppers reducing their spending as they reprioritize their more limited discretionary spending?

As shoppers are asked to self-isolate, self-quarantine, and practice “social distancing”, more shoppers are avoiding physical stores and moving their purchases online. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and drug stores are receiving more online orders than ever before. In the case of grocery, there are more shoppers at home who are looking to avoid restaurants or to save from more expensive take-out and are ordering online. For these high-demand items, retailers are having challenges keeping up with demand at every stage of the customer experience.

As shoppers are needing to “work from home” and entertain kids forced home from school, there is a narrowed / focused demand for certain types of items. Shoppers may be setting up their first home office, or wanting to transform their casual home office into something more serious and effective. And shoppers might need to purchase electronics, games, hobbies to keep children occupied during the weeks of school closure. For these narrowed and focused demand items, retailers are needing to change their marketing and recommendations to inspire shoppers around appropriate in-demand items.

As shoppers are faced with less income and new priorities on how to spend that limited income, they are postponing or cancelling purchases in certain categories. Sellers of furniture, appliances, automobiles, and apparel among others are seeing reduced demand. While these sellers can try to stay top of mind in their categories, they will need to wait for the post-crisis recovery and ensure they are prepared for the deferred demand.

No matter which demand segment you fall into, there are several things you could and should be doing today. Based on your industry, competition, and e-commerce maturity, Cnetric’s Dr. Commerce can help you prioritize improvements to your customer experience so that you can meet your shopper’s demand today and tomorrow. Please contact us to know more and we would be glad to help you improve your e-commerce ecosystem and customer experience.

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