Disrupting Digital Commerce

Fragmented commerce systems and data undermine the ability to deliver consistent, high quality experiences. We have changed that.



    Dr. Commerce is a diagnosis, strategy and continuous optimization tool, that enables enterprises to better understand, and quickly resolve, the issues that plague their digital commerce systems and provide a seamless experience to their customers.

  • Value Proposition

    1. The ability to address struggle before it affects conversion
    2. Ability to quickly optimize performance along key matrixes
    3. The ability to better personalize engagement based on specific actions and events

  • Testimonial

    "Within the first 2 months of us engaging Cnetric's Dr. Commerce, we saw our homepage performance engagement jump by 30% and Cart conversion by 10%. Most of all we were able to increase new feature deployment by over 100%. All of this is of significant business value."


    Universal Commerce is a fully integrated omni-channel Commerce solution available through a single contract, that accelerates brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. UC leverages React for greater extensibility and performance, and is entirely infrastructure agnostic, able to run on any Cloud or on-prem through the use of OpenShift. Best of all Universal Commerce is offered in an Opex model, reducing upfront costs and increasing ROI. For more details click here

  • Value Proposition

    1. The ability to access a complete solution through a single contract, reducing total cost of ownership
    2. Ability to migrate to a headless Commerce platform quickly, cheaply and with least risk
    3. The ability to run Commerce platforms on-premise or on Cloud in a Public or Private Cloud Environment

  • Testimonial

    “With unrelenting pressure on retailers to innovate continuously, with little risk to operations – every business should explore Cnetric’s Universal Commerce, to deliver true headless content driven Digital Commerce”

    - George Kelley, CEO Xtensifi


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