We work on cutting edge tech
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The future of e-commerce is the combinatorial effect of multiple cutting edge technologies. We are here to partner with you, to roll them out systematically.

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    Innovations in customer experience, business models are driven by personalization and AI. Artificial Intelligence for digital commerce can achieve more than 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction. Cnetric is committed to getting you primed for the next opportunity in Commerce.

  • Areas of Expertise

    - AI powered Digital Assistant
    - Robotic Process Automation
    - Blockchain
    - Augmented / Virtual experience
    - Edge computing
    - Conversational Commerce
    - Cloud and DevOps Automation
    - and more

  • Technologies

    - IBM Watson for Digital
    - IBM Blockchain
    - IBM Food Trust
    - IBM IoT
    - IBM Cloud
    - IBM Security
    - IBM Cloud Functions
    - IBM Digital Business Automation
    - Automation Anywhere
    - Apache OpenWhisk
    - VantIQ Inc.

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Conversational commerce, edge computing, AI, blockchain - no matter what, we have you covered. Contact us today.