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Building efficient data pipelines to improve the accuracy and speed of analytics is a challenge. Converting them into useful insights is another. We handle both.

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    Clients across the globe take advantage of our intuitive Business Intelligence solutions as a Service. At the beginning of their data journey, they choose our Big Data Solutions, using our pre-packaged Big Data for Industries accelerators. For mid and late stage, clients use our Big Data Strategy offering along with our unique Big Data Fabric Reference Architecture to build fully-functional, modern Big Data capabilities.

  • Areas of Expertise

    - Customer Experience Analytics
    - Order Optimization
    - Web and Mobile Analytics
    - Marketing Insights Analytics
    - IBM Cognos AI driven Analytics
    - Data Visualization Dashboard
    - Universal Retail Dashboard
    - Data Governance
    - Master Data Management
    - Predictive Analytics
    - and more

  • Technologies

    - Acoustic Experience Analytics
    - Google Analytics
    - IBM Watson Analytics
    - IBM Cognos
    - SPSS Modeler
    - IBM BigInsight BigSQL
    - IBM Information Server
    - Tableau

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Contact us with any analytics challenges you might be facing and we will get back to you with useful insights